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A legendary stage belongs to everyone——an interview with Costume Team from School of Journalism and Communication
Author:Chen Jiaqi and Li Sijie  Date:2020-02-25  Clicks:

“When the mind remains on the stage where we won the trophy, the overwhelming cheers from the crowd reminds me of the original intention.” The great delights struck Yu Wenjia, the leader from the School of Journalism and Communication, all at once that she knew deep in heart what lay behind this glorious moment.

At 20:30 on December 6, 2019, the Golden Autumn Costume Competition was successfully held at the Zall Stadium in Wuhan University and the team from School of Journalism and Communication presented on the stage. The exquisite costumes coming at the end of the show marked the climax of this competition, presenting a visual feast. With the applause breaking out in the stadium, the School of Journalism and Communication finally won the smashing victory, marking their fifth times to win the champion.

Models wearing exquisite costumes

Preparation began in September. “What we want is to revive and make our team a legend. And the original intention is to compensate the regret from last year. ” one of the main designers, Wang Tingting said. Last year, they lost the champion by a narrow distance and all their members burst into tears in that rainy night. However, things became more challenging this year. They were depressed at the very beginning as they couldn’t agree on the theme of their show. “I think I should be the guide to accompany them. The Golden Autumn weighs far more than a just a competition. ” Mr. Quan, who has been in charge of the costume competition in the School of Journalism and Communication for six consecutive years, encouraged the whole team through a sincere conversation. When the moonlight gleamed on the eaves of the school building, they finally chose Chinoiseries as the theme.

After deciding on the theme, all relevant preparations had to be made in a very short period. Yu Wenjia said that they made up a duty roster which included all members of the Students’ Union, ensuring there are people on duty throughout the day. Room 128 locates at the corner of School of Journalism and Communication, but it’s crowded with students in every autumn. “The past three months witnessed everyone’s toil and sweat in this room.” Wang Tingting said, “The details of the room have still been engraved in my mind until now.” Every student was racing against time with enthusiasm and responsibility, and glue gun as weapon and needle as shield. “When making the costumes, my hand was scalded by the glue gun. And once there was a big blister in an instant, it was hard to describe how painful it was. I was even unable to hold my pen.” What impressed Xie Yucun, a member of the Students’ Union, was this accident.

Members of the Students’ Union making clothes by hand

The whole team’s constant effort paid off. They made really awesome garments. Take the most two impressive works for example, the Meng Po and the flying Phoenix. The Meng Po is a black suit. The upper garment is shaped like a cheongsam with standing collar, slanting jin, delicate frogs, and elegant embroidery. The lower part is like a unfolded umbrella, made by lightsome gauze. It feels like the model is coming from an unearthly mist.

The “Meng Po”

The flying Phoenix is presented by a model wearing a combination of long sparkling dress and a huge Phoenix. The golden lifelike Phoenix model spreads its big wings and luxuriant tail feather. It feels like it can soar up into the sky. Water pipe, iron wire and man-made feathers were used to create this work. You can see ingenuity and imagination run wild on the Phoenix.

The “flying Phoenix”

Such great works didn’t come easily. Tough intensive work is one important factor. Moreover, the design concept deserves greater attention. It was really killing for designers when their inspiration dried up. The team was lost in deep confusion with the structure of these two garments and there had been no progress for two weeks before they finally came up with the new idea. Wang tingting said, “We spare no effort to reach such an effect: people will blurt out both ‘Wow is it possible?’ and ‘That’s China!’ at the first sight of our works.” The team implemented this tough principle from beginning to end.

When the breathtaking work, the flying Phoenix, appeared on the runway, the audiences were blown away. The gorgeous model walked with the soaring Phoenix above her. At the point she finally stopped at the end of the runway and struck her pose, a powerful sound of Phoenix rang. It made the Phoenix image alive. Audience applauded and cheered wildly. The judge exclaimed, “It’s more than a runway show, it’s a legendary stage!”

Models and other personnel of the team

The marvelous inspirations, stunning handicraft, bold innovation, unique understanding of Chinese style, appropriate background music and committed team work led to an integrated and excellent runway show. It is a great success that belongs to every member of the team.

Photo from WeChat Official Account of WHU School of journalism and communication

Edited by Wan Qian, Zou Xiaohan, Zheng Yayun


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